Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Big Brother Has a Job!

Congrats to my big brother who was offered a job by Goldman Sachs! As proud as we are of you, we are still baffled by HOW you got the job!

If you anyone knows my brother, he's led a pretty rough life. Lets sum it up with uh... being kicked out of four schools... and... well, we'll leave it at that (and that's only touching the surface!) He attended SDSU for a total of six-years as an undergrad studying Global Business. After graduating, he flew off to Boston for the job market.

Now here's where the story gets crazier! Going through the job fair, Big B sees the booth for Goldman Sachs. Just as a joke, he decides to go over to turn in his resume. To his surprise, he passes to the next interview. On a high, my brother recalls seeing an article in the morning news paper about Goldman Sachs. Running back to the hotel, he demands a copy of the newspaper (like a madman) and reads up on the article.

My brother proceeded to his interview. Without even looking at his resume, his interviewer flat out told my brother that he doesn't think he's qualified for the job. Without even thinking, my brother began spewing every reason he can think of that qualified him for the job. The interviewer replied: "Oh, okay. Well, in that case..." The next thing you know, my brother was offered a job from Goldman Sachs. There were many Ivy League Business school graduates who were turned down.

Soooo proud of my big brother :D

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I love Urth Cafe. There are so many places in the world I want to live, but I am very likely to choose LA because there is Urth Cafe. Sad reaon, but oh well. My life, my rules. I am gonna have some posts dedicated just to Urth because I love this place soooo much!

Today, I went out for brunch with one of my lovely friends! Ordered Japanese Tea Latte, Spanish Latte, Chocolate Black Out Pound Cake, Bowl of Strawberries and cream, and Organic Oatmeal plus fruit. A divine brunch!