Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wonderful Memories of HarpMasters

10 days have past and beautiful memories and friendships have been formed!

I met many amazing girls and gained more confidence in myself as a musician and harpist! My performance of the Fire Dance by David Watkins went decently (I got a blood blister that popped... I bled on the harp.) and now my solo trip solo Europe begins tomorrow!

I'm gonna miss everyone here! I hope and plan to come back next year :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Won't lie, not a huge fan of Swiss food...

However, the food I'm being served at the hotel I'm staying at is HORRIBLE! Found dead flies in my pasta on more than one occasion :(

Decided to go out of way and head to Bern to get some decent food. I settled with Bratwurst Rosti while my companion went with Egg and Bacon Rosti.

When lined up against over-cooked pasta, flavorless bread and dry salad; these rosti's were DIVINE! We are starving musicians/artists! :D

Rosti is considered a national dish in Switzerland. The basic dish is fried, grated potatoes (similar to hash browns) and depending on the region, is usually topped with onions, herbs, cheese and/or meats.

Definitely savored every bite.