Tuesday, December 14, 2010

X'Mas in Japan! 2

Spent majority of the day in Harajuku today! Soooo many people here!

Before heading into the infamous Harajuku land (made famous thanks to Mz. Gwen), made a quick stop at Meiji Jingu. This Shinto Shrine has one of every type of tree you can find in Japan. It truly is beautiful! Walking in, I felt this sense of peace descend upon me. This shrine gets very packed during New Year's celebration. Everyone wants to come here to make their first New year prayers for some reason. After wandering around the pebbly road, taking in the sight, we turned around and headed back into the heart of Harajuku.

The energy is so different compared to the calm shrine! The road was packed and there was so much commotion wherever you looked! It was really draining.... But there was a lot to see! There are many creperies in Harajuku. Crepes are very popular among the teens. Cheap and delicious. Very good reasons. I ordered a strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream crepe. You cannot go to Harajuku without eating a crepe. Period.

The walls are covered with graffiti which I guess isn't so unusual for a city. In other parts of Japan, however, you are very unlikely to see it because cleanliness is highly prized here. I
passed by some flower shops which had more than your typical pointsettias.
Little ornaments dangling from the ceiling, reindeer logs, shrubs that look like xmas trees, and more. The flowers are gorgeous here! I have not once seen a brown spot on ANY plants here! I'm also digging the random Andy Warhol disply :)

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