Saturday, December 11, 2010

X'Mas in Japan!

Here I am in Tokyo in the middle of December! I've gone to Japan many times before growing up, but never have I spent a X'mas away from home! I am quite excited to see what the holidays are like over here (especially the New Year!).

Took a flight first class to Narita Airport. Lucky me, I got to get off the plane with two bottles of wine for FREE! Score!

I am over at my older brother's place, he is currently living in Tokyo for his new job :)) Tokyo is pretty chilly, but there's no snow. Regardless, it is too cold for a Californian. There were a lot of blue lights decorating the bushes outside. Some white, but mainly blue. Not a big fan.

Also have a final paper to still finish... Off to Starbucks!

Super excited to begin my Christmas adventures in Japan!

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